Nicolai Sagasser is a passionate filmmaker who has created a wide array of films from shorts to music videos and commercials.


Nicolai’s distinct style is a visually stunning rollercoaster ride that is musically charged with a vibrant sense of beauty, color, and composition. His intuitive creative insight and vast knowledge of storytelling, cinematography and psychology has allowed him to quickly gain the status of an emerging directing talent.


Over three years as an apprentice at Hochkant Film GmbH & Co.KG he gained a lot of experiences by working consistently on many high budget projects for Siemens, BMW and Porsche.

He acquired a great in depth sense for what these companies want and how to deliver it.

For any work proposal send an email:


My passion is working closely with interesting companies to visually elevate their brand. Sometimes I am available to develop new freelance projects. Let's talk & find a fit.